What Makes Our 8 Herb Formula Different From Other Suppliers

I Am Often Asked Two Important Questions:

"How Are You Different From Other Suppliers?"

"How Are You So Affordable?"

My Answer Is Simple And Honest: Ethics.


Many other companies want you to think that this herbal tea must be expensive. Their prices are high FOR NO OTHER REASON than to make huge profits which shows little respect for their customers.

We have seen prices over $300.00 per pound and over $200.00 per gallon. On top of this, many do not powder their herbs which is the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE way the herbs work. Other companies whose prices are low may not have the authentic 8 herb formula. Often times their recommended amount is 'WATERED DOWN' to make it last longer or have you strain the herbs which is much less effective than our powdered herbs given in the accurate amount. By straining the herbs, you are throwing away part of the herb. click to see why powdered is best


We COULD EASILY charge over $100.00 per pound, acquire many of their customers and still make a hefty profit--but the consumer would still be paying a very high price for this potent tea. In good conscience and respect to our customers, I Choose Not To Do This. I charge a fair price of $29.99 per pound which makes 4 gallons of potent, fresh tea. Our most popular size of 3 lb. 4 oz. which is a 6 and ½ month supply is only $84.99, giving you a free gallon of fresh tea. I began this business to help people and how I see it, to help you is to provide you with the best 8 herb tea on the market at the lowest price possible.


I have worked as a nurse for over 20 years. I recommend essiac for its many benefits including an immune system builder. Herbal teas such as essiac should NEVER be expensive. I have chosen to make this potent tea Affordable to Anyone who needs it. It is a win-win situation: You receive a quality, pure organic product at an affordable price and we make enough profit to stay in business for you. We respect our customers and are not out to gauge anyone for financial gain.

Most Importantly:

We supply you with the Most Potent, Organic, Genuine 8 Herb Recipe in The Powdered, Most Effective Form, and in The Right Formula. Every order is made fresh for you personally and shipped immediately.

So yes, we COULD charge you more but we CHOOSE to charge LESS because we TRULY CARE about your well being. We will NEVER let money get in the way of anyone benefiting from our tea.

In these difficult economic times, we want to be SURE your health remains the most important factor and that you can AFFORD the product of your choice. There is no hype, just the 100% organic eight herb powdered formula, grown here in the United States at fantastic prices.

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We are so confident in the quality and potency of our formula that we will Refund Every Penny if you are not happy with it. Many companies are afraid to take that chance. The money that we do make comes largely from the word of mouth of very satisfied customers. OUR TEA IS THAT GOOD.

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